Saving lives using new stent graft design

Date:       August 26, 2015
Source:      South Dakota State University
Summary:      Patients suffering from aneurysms that extend from their chest into their groin may be helped by a new stent graft, thanks to collaborative research. Mechanical engineers fluid flow modeling “helped validate that the configuration is delivering more well developed blood flow with the design,” according to a vascular surgeon.

Vascular surgeon Pat Kelly of Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, knew his patients were doing better with the stent graft he designed, but he wanted a better understanding of the mechanics before testing the device more widely in a clinical trial. For that, he reached out to South Dakota State University.


South Dakota State University. (2015, August 26). Saving lives using new stent graft design. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 22, 2016 from


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